What is IBM Jazz License Manager?

IBM Jazz License Manager isn’t a single program, but rather the functionality within the Jazz Team Server that handles licensing for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) or IBM Rational Jazz applications.

A brief overview

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Jazz Team Server: This server manages authorized and floating licenses for your Jazz applications. It can also act as a license server for client access licenses (CALs).
  • License Key Server (LKMS): This separate server is required if you use token-based licenses for your Jazz applications. The Jazz Team Server connects to the LKMS for the token service, which authenticates users and issues tokens for license access.

In short, the Jazz Team Server acts as the primary Jazz License Manager for most license types, but relies on the LKMS for token-based licensing.

Maximize your IBM Jazz Licenses with OpenLM

Facing issues such as denials, idle licenses affecting productivity, and average reporting is quite common in software license management. However, with OpenLM as your SLM solution, you can optimize more than 75 types of concurrent licenses. One of the latest additions to our list of supported license managers is IBM Jazz License Manager. Leverage our BI-enabled near-real-time reporting to optimize your licenses and reduce your license wastage by harvesting idle licenses. To know more about our solutions and learn how we can offer optimum license management experience, join our upcoming webinars. Also, write to us if you have any specific queries.

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