Solving the Problem – Idling Applications

Webinar Date : 24/08/2023

Join our upcoming webinar as we delve into the critical issue of “Idling Applications” and how it impacts your organization’s software license management. Idling Applications, often caused by bad user habits, can lead to unnecessary denials and hinder productivity. This webinar will provide insights and solutions to optimize license allocation, improve license utilization efficiency, and achieve substantial cost savings. 


During this webinar, we will explore the following key aspects:

  • Identifying Bad User Habits: We will examine everyday bad user habits that contribute to idling applications, such as license hogging and license camping. Learn how software usage monitoring can help identify and address these habits effectively.
  • Eliminating Unnecessary License Denials: Discover how bad user habits can lead to denials for other users trying to access essential licenses. We will discuss strategies to mitigate this issue and ensure smoother license availability.
  • Understanding Usage Trends: Monitoring software utilization over time can reveal valuable insights into changing usage patterns. This information can be leveraged to predict future requirements and plan resource allocation accordingly.
  • Access to Essential Information: Gain access to accurate license utilization reports that provide crucial data on software usage. Armed with this information, managers and executives can make informed business decisions based on facts and real-time usage data.
  • Optimized License Allocation: Learn how to use the data collected by OpenLM to allocate licenses and features more efficiently. By assigning licenses to engineers who genuinely utilize the software, organizations can optimize resource allocation and maximize productivity.

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