10 Things That Not Everyone Knows About OpenLM


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The primary focus of most of our users is on license usage monitoring and reporting to optimize their license-to-user ratios and all this is included in the base product. However, OpenLM has 10 extensions that further enhance the functionality of the product. These extensions are optional software modules and may be purchased if and when needed.

The 10 OpenLM extensions are described briefly below:

OpenLM Reporting Hub

With the OpenLM Reporting Hub, you can sync the OpenLM database to a database dedicated for reporting purposes.

OpenLM Directory Synchronization

The extension lets you import information such as user names and groups from Windows Active Directory.  

OpenLM Active Agent

The OpenLM Active Agent is our license harvesting tool. You can intervene in idle user sessions and either close the session after saving any work or suspend the user’s screen. In both cases, the license is released and returned to the pool.

OpenLM Actual Usage

Get information beyond just license checkout and release times. Know who pulled the license and didn’t use it.

OpenLM Roles and Permissions

The roles and permissions extension lets you allocate OpenLM functionality to different administrators.  

OpenLM Group Usage

Report on usage by groups defined in OpenLM or based on Active Directory OU’s and work groups.

OpenLM License Allocation Manager

Configure options files the easy way without having to open a text editor and work out what’s written there

OpenLM Project Usage

You can get users of engineering software to select the project they are working on when pulling a license.

OpenLM Alerts

You can set up alerts for a variety of license status and license usage conditions.  

OpenLM External DB Support

Lets you use an alternative external database instead of the standard OpenLM database.

Read more at https://www.openlm.com/openlm-extensions/. If you are not certain how an extension can benefit your organization, please contact our sales team who will be happy to explain further. You get a free 30-day trial to test it out before you decide!

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