18 reasons to upgrade to OpenLM V21


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We at OpenLM constantly strive to deliver the best license monitoring and management service, one that is convenient, easy-to-use, secure, and just works on any platform you use within the organization. As you may have already noticed, throughout the year we have been expanding our services portfolio, and releasing bug fixes and performance improvements to reach that goal.

Upgrading a working system may sound like a hassle, but the result is what matters the most. In OpenLM’s case that is a service with more advanced capabilities that you’ll love to use. There are many reasons to upgrade to the latest version of our software, but at this point we’ll just highlight the top three:

  1. Log in to the system using any third-party identity provider.
  2. Monitor Autodesk Cloud licenses and Office 365 licenses behind a proxy.
  3. OpenLM Agent is cross-platform (Windows, Linux).

You can read the complete list to upgrade to OpenLM v21 further below.

Also, as we announced earlier this year, we are moving away from older versions of OpenLM to focus on improving our solution:

  • Starting from April 1, 2022, the oldest OpenLM version that will remain supported by OpenLM’s support team, will be OpenLM Version 5.6, running with MariaDB, MySQL, or MS SQL. OpenLM versions below Version 5.6 running with Firebird will no longer be supported.
  • Also starting from April 1, 2022, OpenLM Version 5.6 will stop receiving updates, bug fixes, and hotfixes, and only newer versions will be updated.

Reasons to upgrade to OpenLM V21

  1. OpenLM Server Configuration Window moved to the EasyAdmin Interface. Direct access to OpenLM Server is no longer required to configure License Managers.
  2. OpenLM Identity Service has replaced the old in-house security system providing OAuth 2.0.
    1. Option to authenticate OpenLM components with OpenLM Identity;
    2. Covers all components (Broker, Agent, Directory Sync, ServiceNOW Integration API, Report Scheduler);
    3. Windows Authentication does not require a login screen.
  3. Enhanced management of License Managers through the frontend via OpenLM Brokers, uploading, downloading license files, displaying license file content, pushing the license file content.
  4. OpenLM System is now based on a .NET Core and is available cross-platform. 
  5. The new OpenLM Agent is more capable and now supported both on Windows, and Linux.
  6. Improved Denials Aggregation feature.
  7. Extended REST API.
  8. NX Tokens Support and other additional 60+ license managers.
  9. Export to CSV for Feature Usage per User and Feature Usage per Group.
  10. Autodesk Cloud license monitoring from behind a proxy.
  11. HTTP Server moved from LightTPD and PHP to Kestrel – resolves security and vulnerability issues with LightTPD, and improves performance and enabled multithreading.
  12. Embedded Database moved from FirebirdDB to MariaDB – improves performance and security.
  13. HASP Denials Support.
  14. OpenLM Server for Linux.
  15. Denials aggregation.
  16. Support for Hasp Denials.
  17. Office 365 monitoring from behind a proxy.
  18. ADFS Login.

You are just one step away from upgrading to OpenLM v21. Click here (Windows/Linux: tar.gz .deb .rpm) to download the latest version of OpenLM and enjoy all the benefits of an up-to-date system. Read the detailed documentation on how to upgrade your system by following this link.

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