OpenLM Server v5.6 release


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Important note: upgrading to v5.6 requires a new license file. Please contact to request one.
OpenLM Server v5.6. represents the cornerstone phase in the development and further upgrade to v6. Here is why:

Announcing MariaDB integration

The spotlight of this release is the support for MariaDB – the replacement solution for the Firebird database engine. Firebird has ceased the maintenance, thus creating serious gaps in security aspects. In fact, v5.6 is the precursor of the OpenLM v6, which will deprecate the Firebird engine. We encourage you to take a step towards MariaDB now and be prepared for the next development stages.
To make the transition smoother, the OpenLM v5.6 installer will be delivered with an integrated migration utility. You can either choose to perform the migration now or at a later stage.

Alternatively, you can contact our support team to help you with the transition.

These changes come as a result of our strive to align to security & performance standards and make things easier for everyone. We envision this transition as the way forward and the right response to all the challenges and novelties.

Download OpenLM Server v5.6.0 from here.

Support for HASP LM via OpenLM Broker

Another implementation coming to the light with this version is Broker support for Sentinel HASP, upon request from our customers. Previously, Sentinel HASP could only be interfaced via OpenLM Server. This feature is useful if you wish to acquire more flexibility: you can connect and read debug logs, denials.
For the rest of the bug fixes and enhancements, check the release notes.

Stay tuned!

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