A Cup of Efficiency: Understanding OpenLM Services Through a Coffee Machine Analogy


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Consider, you are planning to set up a coffee vending machine at your office premises to ensure your employees have easy access to their favorite beverage—which can foster productivity and positivity. However, after installing the vending machine, you realize that you also need someone to refill the vending can with new coffee beans after the old ones are used. Now, you may not have a person at the office who can look after this, and recruiting a person for this purpose is a waste of resources.

When you raised this to the coffee machine vendor, they said they would assign a resource person to manage this periodic task for you. This is a value-added service you can avail from them.

Now match this with your license management scenario. While prioritizing important tasks, organizations often don’t have the bandwidth to set up a resource person to look after any concerns related to the SLM solution they use. That’s where OpenLM Services comes into play.

Here’s what you need to know about different OpenLM Services and what value they offer.

OpenLM Professional Services

Go back to the coffee machine installation analogy where the vendor is providing additional support to execute the periodic refilling and maintenance. Similarly, with OpenLM Professional Services, you can purchase additional remote support hours to get live session support via a remote desktop.

Notably, this goes beyond the standard one-hour live session support that comes with the annual maintenance contract (AMC). With OpenLM Professional Services, you can address any concern regarding the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of OpenLM systems. You can also get an explanation of reports and hand-holding on how to install and run OpenLM efficiently.

OpenLM Managed Services

Picture this: on a certain day, you went to fetch your coffee from the vending machine and had to wait in a cue before your turn actually came. You immediately realize that a person who can serve the coffee to your table can actually help you reduce this waiting period, where you will not miss out on any important commitments.

That’s what OpenLM Managed Services does. It takes care of every aspect of running and managing OpenLM, including the addition of new license managers, periodic health checks, and more. As a result, you need not worry aboout managing software licenses and can conveniently focus on other crucial tasks on hand.

OpenLM Engineering License Management Services

In certain scenarios, you may require special categories of services under a larger umbrella. Consider, most of your employees prefer green tea over other beverages. And, in reality, engineering software holds a major portion (Studies show it can be between 70%-71%) in the SaaS market. While you may not recruit a person to serve only green tea, you may need support of experts to manage engineering software licenses.

We have the perfect solution for this. With OpenLM Engineering License Management Services, you can avail support of our experienced engineers. The scope of the service includes major license manager operations such as license manager upgrades, scheduling maintenance windows, options file management and allocations, and more. You can also avail basic maintenance of license servers, including OS upgrades.

OpenLM BI Services

Now, a coffee vending machine may not be enough for your organization as there can be people who are more into cold beverages like fruit juice. Similarly, organizations often have unique business requirements that go beyond the scope of OpenLM’s standard reporting generated via the EasyAdmin hub.

In such situations, organizations can install a fruit juice vending machine as well as opt for OpenLM BI Services. While there will be a limit on the types of fruit juice available in the machine, there will be no such limits on the types of reports you can generate from OpenLM’s Power BI dashboard. Along with this scalability, our customized BI solution also leads to improved user adoption. It becomes simple to understand the data presented by the Power BI dashboard and take suitable actions.

OpenLM Consultancy Services

There are organizations that prefer consultation with an expert before making any strategic decision that has an impact on the organizational structure and functioning. This may not be relevant for installing a coffee machine. However, in an ideal scenario, organizations can consult a dietitian who will recommend customized beverages for people with different health conditions.

Similarly, in reality, you can actually book a slot with an engineer from OpenLM who has years of valuable experience in the ITAM industry. Our consultant can guide you in the following:

  • How to implement and integrate OpenLM with your system architecture
  • Establishing SLM best practices according to the organizational KPIs
  • Understanding usage statistics
  • Using predictive analytics for license optimization
  • Preparation for software renewals 

While installing a coffee vending machine at office premises is something you can consider, switching to smart SLM is something you must do. This is because not only it makes your license monitoring experience seamless but also OpenLM customers have reported at least a 15%- 20% boost in ROI. And, if you are an existing OpenLM customer, you can experience limitless scalability by opting for any of the OpenLM Services. You can also use a combination of services to extract maximum value out of your licenses.

Have specific questions regarding our services? Do write to us. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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