Application Note 1015a: The OpenLM EasyAdmin Mobile application


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The OpenLM EasyAdmin Mobile application enables system administrators to keep track of the license management systems, while being out of office. This document describes the essentials of the OpenLM EasyAdmin for mobile application; installing the application, and running it on a Mobile set.


The ever increasing obligation of system administrators to support their users’ issues in real time has produced the need to perform license management operations upon request. OpenLM has come up with a solution to this requirement: An “Out of the office”, slick, mobile application that extracts the bulk license management information, and enables system administrators to resolve user issues even when networking is inaccessible to them.

Supported Devices

The EasyAdmin Mobile application is developed according to web development standards, e.g.: HTML5 and CSS3. It is supported by most popular mobile operating systems like iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry OS.

User experience

The user experience is of a sliding window menu, spanning over 4 separate pages. Navigating among these pages is easy and intuitive, and the information contained on them is adequate for system administrators to perform troubleshooting in the field.


Users can also test the application using a Google Chrome web browser. It is designed to have the same look and feel as the authentic mobile application. In fact, the screenshots contained in this article have been cropped using this browser.

Network considerations

Using the OpenLM Mobile application requires a network connection between the Mobile application and the Internet server that serves the application. It also requires connection to the OpenLM Server UI port. Observe the image below for clarification.

This image depicts two scenarios:

  1. Intranet: Mobile devices inside the company connect to the Local Area Network. Access to the web server serving OpenLM is direct. After loading the application to the mobile device, the requests for information are handled by the OpenLM Server.

  2. Internet: Mobile devices access the application from the Internet. The company needs to open ports for loading the application and for communicating with the OpenLM Server.

The image demonstrates a system with two servers. In many cases, the OpenLM Server and the web server (http server) run on the same machine.

Application Pages

Important note:

The EasyAdmin Touch Application is available for installation on all Mobile operating systems. However, as a PC browser application for debugging, this application currently supports Chrome browser v. 8.0 upwards only. This is at the time of writing this revision (Rev 1.0).

The information presented in the EasyAdmin mobile application is presented on four separate pages. These pages appear on the bottom panel, and are named: License Servers, Active Products, Alerts and Settings.

The “License Servers” and “Active products” Pages

List of license servers: The License servers page is the Mobile application’s landing page. It presents the license servers in rapport of which the OpenLM server works (image below). These License servers are named as they were in the configuration tool (Bottom image).


Server specific licensed features: Click on a license server name (or its blue circled arrow), e.g.: lm10. The Licenses list page for that license server appears.

This page depicts the current License usage for each licensed feature on the selected License server. Click on a used license, e.g.: Viewer. The Active Products page appears.

This page presents the user and workstation who is currently holding the license for the selected feature. In the case depicted below, the user name is Orik, he is using efrat-laptop Workstation, and the start time of his usage is also presented.


The Active Products page may also be directly accessed by clicking the “Active Products” star icon on the bottom task bar. In this case, the Feature and Server columns are added in order to avoid ambiguity. See the image below for clarification.

On either one of the “Active Products” windows, click on the User of interest. The user’s details (Full name, email, phone etc) appears.

The Alerts page

Click the ‘i’ icon on the bottom panel. The Alerts page appears.

This page presents predefined system alerts to the administrator. Please refer to the “Application note 1013: OpenLM Alerts” document for further clarification.

The Settings page

This page contains timezone and time format settings.

Installing the OpenLM Mobile EasyAdmin application

1. Install the application on the HTTP Server

There are two possible HTTP server configurations, requiring a slightly different process:

1a. Using the built-in HTTP server – LightTPD

  • Download and install the latest OpenLM server version from OpenLMs site. The Mobile application would be set in the directory: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM ServerWebApps.

  • The default application name is “EasyAdmin_touch”. This name can be changed by altering the “EasyAdmin_touch” folder name.

1b. Using standard HTTP servers

Installing the OpenLM EasyAdmin mobile application on a standard HTTP server, like Apache or IIS, is a simple task for any system administrator. Changing the application name is done by applying a different name in the “Application Name” text box.

2. Open the EasyAdmin mobile application

Open the web browser on your mobile device and navigate your mobile device browser to the application URL:

http://<> / <MobileApplicationDirectory>/

where CompanyDomainName and MobileApplicationDirectory are the Company’s Internet domain name, and the Directory path of the Mobile application respectively, e.g.: http://localhost:7019/EasyAdmin_touch/

In order to view the EasyAdmin Mobile application on a PC it is best to run it using the Google Chrome browser.


1.0: Feb 05, 2012 Orik.

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