Application Note 1033: Retrieving license usage information with OpenLM logs uploader


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OpenLM people have been addressed many times by customers who were asking for a way to produce license usage reports retroactively, i.e.: for the time period before the OpenLM software was installed on their system. This was usually side-dished with a considerable portion of panic, having to produce reports for a software auditing session, or before the year’s end.

OpenLM has come up with the Logs Uploader module for this purpose. This module guarantees that customers would be able to produce decent usage reports, given that the FlexLM debug log files have been kept throughout the time – period of interest.

How is it done?

The OpenLM logs uploader takes its information from the FlexLM license manager debug log file, and produces historical data in the OpenLM database. This information can later be displayed over EasyAdmin reporting windows, or extracted to CSV files to produce usage reports and statistics.

Where can I get it from ?

In order to get the OpenLM Logs Uploader tool, please contact


First – the OpenLM Server needs to be installed, and configured to monitor the FlexLM license manager of interest. For more information about that: please refer to this Application Note:
Application Note 1026: Basic OpenLM Server configuration for FlexLM


Note the FlexLM license manager which resides on the lm10 host, and port 27000.

Open the Logs uploader tool, and configure it as follows (see image below):

  • Type in the OpenLM server host name (e.g. localhost) and Server port (7014 by default)
  • Click the OK button. The rest of the configuration tool becomes active.
  • Select the target license server from the drop-down list. In this case that is 27000@lm10.
  • Keep the Timestamp value at its default 360 minutes value.
  • Select the debug log file to be imported, and click the Upload button.

The logs’ uploading process may take quite a long time, depending on the size of the debug log and the computer’s performance, so please be patient.


That’s it – this has imported the data from the debug log into the OpenLM database, and potentially saved some headache for a system administrator somewhere.

Version: 0.1 (Preliminary), October 17 2012.
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