Autodesk further extends deadline for 2:1 trade-in program


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Autodesk has further extended its multi-user retirement and trade-in offer from August 7, 2023, to February 7, 2024. This means organizations still using Autodesk network licenses will have a further six months of valuable time to fully understand the license utilization habits of their end users.

The vendor cites the challenges the pandemic brought to organizations worldwide as the main reason for (yet again) postponing the multi-user license transition program’s final deadline. Apparently, the trade-in program isn’t progressing as expected, so on February 25, 2022, Autodesk announced the following:

  • Annual multi-user subscriptions (including Extra Territory Rights) can be renewed until February 7, 2023.

    • What does this mean for you? If you have an active multi-user subscription, you can renew it until February 7, 2023. 
  • The multi-user trade-in offer will be available until February 7, 2024.

    • What does this mean for you? If you have an active multi-user subscription, you can trade it in before February 7, 2024, and receive two named user subscriptions (for one named user each) at a cost consistent with what you pay today.

As Autodesk admits in the updated blog post announcing the extended deadline, organizations need more time to prepare for the transition. Now, they have an extra six months, so how can SAM managers use this valuable time to prepare for a smooth transition?

First, you can sign up for the cloud version of engineering license monitoring and management tools such as OpenLM Cloud so you get a better understanding of how the Autodesk software inventory is being used.

Second, you can use this time to analyze the insights you gain from the monitoring and optimization tool.

Third, enjoy the benefits of having enough time to start working on a procurement plan that will ensure a seamless transition from multi-user to named user licenses. At the end of the transition period, you will be able to rest assured that everyone will have an Autodesk license whenever he or she needs it.

OpenLM is here to help you with your procurement plan. In the coming weeks, we will publish guides for organizations affected by the transition. Contact us today to get help for this challenging process!

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