Do you need a license usage information API?


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It turns out that many people don’t know about the OpenLM free API, and that includes a good many OpenLM customers too!

OpenLM provides a software interface to the data produced by the OpenLM system. It is actually an essential part of OpenLM Core; it’s what we use ourselves to get the data out to the OpenLM screens. That’s good news for users because it is always as up-to-date as the latest version of OpenLM.

The OpenLM API lets you extract inventory and usage information on license servers, applications and licensed features – concurrent data, actual usage, licensing terms, project and group usage and information on hosts, not to mention denials, all through a simple program call.

Read more about the OpenLM API and see how the German software vendor DeskCenter used it to integrate OpenLM into their system. Oh, and if I didn’t mention it already, it’s free!

Neil Leigh,

OpenLM Marketing Manager


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