End of support for Windows Server 2003


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Microsoft announces end of support for Windows Server 2003

In accordance to Microsoft’s deprecation plan, they have announced the discontinuation of support for Windows Server 2003 as of July 14, 2015. In their publication, they have listed the risks involved with failing to upgrade to a newer version:

  • No updates. 37 critical updates were released in 2013 for Windows Server 2003/R2 under Extended Support. No updates will be developed or released after end of support.
  • No safe haven. Both virtualized and physical instances of Windows Server 2003 are vulnerable and would not pass a compliance audit. Many applications (including those from Microsoft) will also cease to be supported once the operating system they are running on is unsupported.
  • No compliance. Lack of compliance with various standards and regulations can have serious consequences. This may include non-compliance with key regulatory and industry standards, or having to pay high penalties and transaction fees.

Implications on OpenLM users

OpenLM will practice a tolerant policy for OpenLM users, and will not a-priori dictate an upgrade of our customers’ Windows’ Operating system. However – the following notes should be heeded by all OpenLM customers :

  1. Support for OpenLM products on Windows Server 2003 will continue for customers under maintenance or during their evaluation period. As support cases unfold, upgrading the Windows’ Operating system may become inevitable. Failing to do so will terminate the support process.
  1. OpenLM urges its customers to refrain from installing OpenLM components on Windows Server 2003 machines from this date forward.

OpenLM system requirements

For more information on OpenLM’s system requirements, please refer to this document.

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