Engineering License Management in Under 20 minutes


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Dear friends,

The IT industry is rapidly changing and so are the software license management solutions. Vendors and customers alike change their approach toward the licensing models, partnerships and business options.

About this and other important topics, we plan to talk in our newly launched Video Podcast: Engineering License Management in Under 20 minutes. We plan to issue an episode every week and you are welcome to subscribe to our channel and share your thoughts about it. Moreover, you may suggest a particular subject you want us to elaborate on or participate with us in the podcast.

We invite you to watch the first episode of our podcast here: Autodesk Token Flex and its benefits, with Oren Gabay, OpenLM CEO and Branislav Potocek, OpenLM VP Services. Please subscribe to OpenLM Youtube Channel to get notified whenever we post a new episode.


Check out below the audio recording of our video podcast.

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