OpenLM – Embracing the Linux world


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Cross-Platform development

In order to meet our customer’s needs and challenges, unburden the management of the multiple processes, and offering the opportunity to extend the value OpenLM brings, we made the next step in transforming our software into a cross-platform one. 

As a result, we are delighted to announce that OpenLM v21 is available on Linux!

By delivering our software asset management tool for Linux, we mark an important milestone for all of our customers. This will make OpenLM an unequivocally unified platform for monitoring and managing the licenses across an organization.

The OpenLM Server & Identity Service is available for the most common Linux distributions with the respective package:

  • Debian/Ubuntu (deb packaging) 
  • RHEL/CentOS/Red Hat/Fedora (rpm packaging)
  • and more with a Tar.Gz archive

The OpenLM Server & Identity Service can be deployed using any existing Linux configuration management tool.

All the components will be centralized in the /opt folder, except for the Agent which will use a user-slice service. All the other components will run using the same OpenLM, self-configured by the package manager.

Furthermore, all the components use the service layer provided by systemd,  consequently, they are fully manageable as other system services with the .service file.

Each package contains the right list of dependencies and usually uses dotnet sdk and powershell core (Server and Identity Service configuration) to be fully cross-platform.

Implement OpenLM on Linux

Contact our sales department to request assistance in receiving the packages & licensing. Read more about the OpenLM version 21 here.

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