License usage statistics and patterns


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In order to make intelligent decisions regarding license procurement and maintenance, IT and management personnel obviously need concrete and reliable data. License management systems provide basic information such as usage level, and notify users when license usage is at its maximum capacity. But this is not enough

It is not only the top watermark numbers that show how many licenses are needed in an organization, but also the usage patterns. For example:

OpenLM clearly presents license usage charts, clarifying usage patterns. Here are a few examples:

OpenLM EasyAdmin – Widgets –  Recent features denials

This window provides preliminary statistic processing of license denials per feature: It presents the number of denied license requests in long term and short term period.


OpenLM EasyAdmin – Reports – License usage

The license usage reports allows system administrators to compare the actual license usage to the number of available licenses.

The smart Filter enables users to build a customized list of licenses and get the total usage on those licenses.


OpenLM EasyAdmin – Management – License utilization

This chart represents a histogram of license usage, i.e. each column ‘x’ answers the question: “what is the percentage of usage time that x licenses have been in use”. This form of presentation ignores momentary usage peaks, and provides a vivid realization of the true license consumption pattern. It clearly depicts the number of licenses that are actually required in the organization.


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