Monitoring an IBM LUM License server using OpenLM Software


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OpenLM Version 1.6 Supports the IBM LUM license server. IBM LUM licenses are used by different software vendors, the main vendor is probably Dassault Systems (Catia software).


In order for OpenLM to support the LUM License server it has to be able to access the LUM License server remotely or locally. Different configuration options are supported by OpenLM that allows system managers to configure license servers located on LAN and WAN networks.

Configurations Options

OpenLM Supports flexible configurations that support LAN or WAN networks. This section lists the different configurations. Most of the information in this section is also relevant to other license servers such as SafeNet RMS, SafeNet HASP, FLEXlm, FLEXnet, RLM and others.

IBM LUM and OpenLM on the same machine

This is the most simple configuration but not a very realistic one. Most companies have more than one license server and because of that, they install OpenLM on a separate machine.

When OpenLM server is installed on the same machine as the IBM LUM License server, there is no additional configuration steps, just add the server name and port to the configuration.

IBM LUM and OpenLM on separate machines

In this scenario OpenLM Server is installed on one machine and the license server is installed on another. The problem we have to solve is how to allow OpenLM Server to access the LUM License Server. There are two possible solutions:

  • Use OpenLM Broker to send IBM LUM usage to OpenLM Server.
  • Configure OpenLM Server machine to be able to query usage on the IBM LUM License server.
Configure OpenLM Broker to push usage information to OpenLM Server

This is the most simple solution but it requires access to the license server machine for installation. OpenLM Broker software is reading the license usage locally and pushing the information to OpenLM Server.

The installation of OpenLM Broker requires only Java JRE. It can run on any operating system supported by Java and by that OpenLM supports Linux, Windows and UNIX license servers.

Configure OpenLM Server machine to be able to query usage on the IBM LUM License server.

IBM LUM Server allows other machines to query license usage and perform other actions from a remote machine. For a full install procedure please consult IBM LUM documentation, we will provide short overview of the requirements.

  1. Install Java JRE on the OpenLM Server machine.
  2. Make sure that you have IIS installed and configured on the OpenLM Server Machine.
  3. Install LUM software on the OpenLM Server machine, there is no need to configure your licenses.
  4. Add reference to OpenLM Server on the IBM LUM License server

Adding an IBM LUM license server in OpenLM

Like the configuration of FLEXlm and SafeNet RMS Services the configuration of an IBM LUM is simple and straight forward.
Using OpenLM Server Configuration->License Servers tab, Add the new license server and port. In the license server type the LUM type needs to be selected.

IBM LUM Support Level

Most of the functionality provided by OpenLM is also supported for IBM LUM licenses. We also support unique features of IBM LUM such as features versions.

OpenLM support for IMB LUM includes:

  • License inventory reporting.
  • License expiration alerts.
  • Current license usage.
  • Usage reports and charts.
  • License billing for groups or projects.
  • More…


IBM LUM (License Use Management) is the IBM product for technical software license management (similarly, the Flexera product is  FLEXnet). OpenLM Software fully supports the IBM LUM software and provides a flexible architecture that supports complex configurations.

The support for IBM LUM licenses if full, OpenLM supports unique features of IBM LUM such as versions for features. The advanced functionality of OpenLM such as License Usage Billing, Usage Reports, Usage Charts and more  is also supported for IBM LUM.

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