OpenLM All License Parser supports Green Hills log interpretation.


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What is Green Hills

Green Hills Software is a privately held company based in the US.

The company’s business centers on embedded solutions, for a wide variety of customers.

Founded in 1982, Green Hills has grown steadily and proclaims to be the world’s largest independent RTOS company

Green Hills’ main products

  • Green Hills’ ‘Flagship’ is its proprietary ‘INTEGRITY’ RTOS (Real-Time Operating System), which is compatible with a large variety of embedded microprocessors.
  • Green Hills produces real time software products such as integrated development environments and debuggers.
  • It also provides software services and Board Support Packages (BSPs).

The OpenLM “All License Parser” tool

OpenLM has received requests to integrate the Green Hills proprietary license server in its portfolio of monitored license servers. Green Hills log files are now supported and interpreted in the OpenLM “All License Parser” online tool. In order obtain a clear image of your license manager’s activity, simply load (or drag) your Green Hills log file onto the online parser tool, and obtain license usage statistics.

Please note that the “All license parser” tool is an  evolving service. OpenLM is constantly updating it with new formats and capabilities, as these stream in from our customers.

Security note

OpenLM does not keep a copy of the files you upload into the “All License Parser” tool, and does not use the submitted information in any way.

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