OpenLM All License Parser supports Seisware log interpretation.


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What is Seisware

Seisware is a package of seismic interpretation tools, designed by seismic technology veterans for geoscientists. The first version of Seisware was launched by Zokero in 1997, gradually becoming a prevalent comprehensive solution in the field of geoscience. Zokero later merged with Blue Castle, thus becoming SeisWare International Inc.

The OpenLM “All License Parser” tool

OpenLM has received several requests to integrate this type of license server in its portfolio of monitored license servers. Seisware log files are now supported and interpreted in the OpenLM “All License Parser” online tool. In order obtain a clear image of your license manager’s activity, simply load (or drag) your Seisware log file (CSV format) onto the online parser tool, observe your license usage, and obtain license usage statistics. The “All license parser” tool is an evolving service; we are constantly updating it with new formats and capabilities, as these steam in from our customers.

Security note

OpenLM does not keep a copy of the files you upload into the “All License Parser” tool, and does not use the submitted information in any way.

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