OpenLM Maintenance Release: OpenLM Server version


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OpenLM Server version

OpenLM Server version is a maintenance release to OpenLM version 3.0. It contains enhancements and bug fixes to problems found in previous versions. Users for whom these fixes are relevant should upgrade  to this latest version.

What’s new in OpenLM Server (April 16th, 2015)

Fixed Issues:

  • 3039:  Denials “Licensed number of users already reached.” are not stored in the DB
  • 3033:  Parallel sessions sometimes not logged properly
  • 1867: Denials – Chart is working in light version
  • 2990:  Could not import debug log file. Proxy log culprit ?
  • 3048: Opening EasyAdmin Dashboard causes OpenLM to crash
  • 2165:  Implementation of LS-DYNA into OpenLM Server .
  • 1361: report multliple projects on the same workstation
  • 3049: License Usage Report: Aggregate usage is not stored in Filter
  • 3044: Upgrade failed : –>
  • 3028: Oracle database not upgrading from v1.8 to v2 or V3
  • 3031: EasyAdmin – License Activity – Date Range: When trying to set a month/year through “Choose a month” – not working
  • 3032: Procurements window – issuing date & expiration date – don’t show hour .
  • 3027: Feature Usage Status does not work with IE9 .


  1. Before upgrading, please make sure your system is compliant with the OpenLM System requirements.
  2. If the OpenLM server (of any version) has been already installed on the machine for a period longer than the Evaluation period, A license file will be required. Please make sure you have one before proceeding with the upgrade process. In order to obtain a valid OpenLM license file, please contact OpenLM support, and provide your MAC address and Hostname (case sensitive).

Upgrading the OpenLM Server (Internal Firebird Database)

  1. Download the OpenLM Server installation file from the ‘Downloads’ section in the OpenLM site.
  2. Stop the OpenLM Server service
  3. Backup the DB file (Typically located in: C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM Serverdb)
  4. It is recommended to close all windows applications, including the services window.
  5. Install the new OpenLM Server version on top of the existing one.
  6. If prompted to do so, contact OpenLM to obtain an up-to-date license file. Please provide your MAC address and Hostname (case sensitive) for that. Copy that file to the “C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM ServerLicense”  folder, and restart the OpenLM Server service.

Upgrading the OpenLM Server (External MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL Database)

Upgrade will be automatically performed by the OpenLM Server installer. Make sure to stop the OpenLM Server Service and backup your Database before upgrading. For further information refer to

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