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EasyAdmin interface is OpenLM Management and reporting application for system administrators, managers and even users (using the new role based security system).OpenLM supports most popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. Other browsers such as Opera were reported as supported by users but are not officially supported by us. The full list of supported browsers and versions can be found in our software compatibility list.

We usually test the latest version of each version of a browser. This approach is good since new versions are more secure and provide better support for advanced functionality.

The economical factor is also critical, supporting older versions of browser is a very expensive task for software companies. The required resources in hardware, software and human resources are huge.

The demand for newer versions of software sometimes causes problems because of these reasons (but not limited to…):
Conservative Software Upgrade Policy – Organizations tend to be very conservative on their software upgrade policy. In some organizations it can take more than a year to get a newer version of an application implemented.
Many applications from different vendors – Most workstations are required to support many different applications from different software vendors. Some applications may require older versions of a browser and other – newer versions. For example, Pro/E WF3 from PTC requires IE version 6 while OpenLM EasyAdmin requires IE version 7 or higher.
Old applications – Upgrading to newer versions of application requires a significant investments from IT departments. This is why organizations tend to preserve older version. The use of older version of application dictates a requirement for older version of browsers.
Server policy – The limitations system managers impose on server environment are much higher than the ones imposed on workstations. System administrators tend to keep the original browser version provided with the operating system. For example, Windows Server 2003 is provided with IE 6. IE 6 is an outdated software that impose security risk on the server.

How to solve compatibility problems?

Always access EasyAdmin from a workstation, not from the server itself. OpenLM runs on a browser and is designed for remote access. Workstation’s browsers tend to be more updated then the ones running on servers.

When accessing the organization network remotely from outside the network, system managers has sometimes limited access . In such a case, try to upgrade IE on the server and if possible, also install another browser.

When the upgrade of IE on a workstation is not allowed we suggest to install of an alternative browser such as Mozilla FireFox.

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