OpenLM for Bentley Is Ready for Early Adopters


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As the development of the OpenLM for Bentley extension entered the final straight, we are looking for customers who want to use the test product completely FREE of charge for four months!

Bentley is a global provider of comprehensive software solutions for architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors and owner-operators for advancing infrastructure. Bentley’s licensing is based on the SELECT Server license manager, which is offered in both on-premise and cloud versions.

However, Bentley does not provide any method to control the number of consumed licenses over time. The billing on Bentley SELECT is periodically done by hours of usage. An IT staff that is not well prepared for this may end up with much higher expenses than initially projected.

In such an environment, where the available license inventory is unlimited, OpenLM for Bentley is a very important complementary tool that allows the organization to keep license usage efficient and under tight control.

OpenLM for Bentley adds capabilities that are supported by both the on-premise and the cloud versions of the software:

    • Accurate online usage monitoring and management (Bentley’s tool does not give any online management capabilities)
    • Active directory synchronization and cost allocation to business units or projects
    • Active/Idle user reporting that lets you know if any of your users keep expensive licenses idle
    • Alerts received either by e-mail or SMS according to the roles you set yourself. For example, when a threshold in license usage is met, an alert can be sent out as a warning

During the pilot phase, we are offering a limited number of organizations to test and use this valuable extension for free, with no string attached or future commitment. To request your free license of OpenLM for Bentley, please write to

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