OpenLM Maintenance Release Version


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OpenLM Server version

OpenLM Server version is the first official maintenance release to OpenLM version 2.0. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions and enhancements. We recommend that all users of previous OpenLM Server 2.0 versions would upgrade to this latest version.

What’s new in OpenLM Server (June 02, 2014) and its close predecessors ?


Issue #1925: [EasyAdmin] Cannot save Options file restrictions on features.

Issue #1919: [OpenLM Server] Update script failure.

Issue #1896: [EasyAdmin] Start Menu – Widgets: ‘Heatmap’ + ‘Recent Denials’ missing after updating DB.

Issue #1907: [EasyAdmin] Licenses window – Borken link.

Issue #1920: [EasyAdmin] after upgrading OpenLM server, 404 message in IE EasyAdmin.

Issue #1915: [OpenLM Server] Add alert rule failed on SQL server.

Issue #1929: [OpenLM Server] Add License file failed on SQL server.

Issue #1911: [EasyAdmin] number alignment.

Issue #1923: [EasyAdmin] Options file interface unclear.

Issue #1456: [EasyAdmin] Fields “Start Time” and “End Time” not mandatory fields in Window “Project List”.

Upgrading the OpenLM Server

In order to upgrade to version

1. Download the OpenLM Server installation file from the ‘Downloads’ section in the OpenLM site.

2. Stop the OpenLM Server service

3. Backup your DB file (Typically located in: C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM Serverdb)

4. Make sure ALL windows are closed; especially the services window.

5. Install the new version on top of the existing one.

6. If prompted to do so, contact OpenLM to obtain an up-to-date license file. Please provide your MAC address and Hostname (case sensitive) for that. Copy this file to the

C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM ServerLicense   folder, and restart the OpenLM Server service.


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