OpenLM Maintenance Release Version: OpenLM Server


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OpenLM Server version

OpenLM Server version is an official maintenance release to OpenLM version 2.0. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions and enhancements. We recommend that all users of previous OpenLM Server 2.0 versions would upgrade to this latest version.

What’s new in OpenLM Server (July 09, 2014)

  1. A “Recent windows” menu was added in EA
  2. Changing the logging level in the configuration form also affects the openlm_proxy.log logging level
  3. Issue #2063: [OpenLM Server] Feature usage status window: Don’t show version for product when no version is selected
  4. Issue #2061: [OpenLM Server] License usage report show product version although the “Show as separate lines” option is off
  5. Issue #2030: [EasyAdmin] Option File Management: Wrong Message
  6. Issue #2057: [OpenLM Server] Mail Settings in Server configuration tool are not saved
  7. Issue #2058: [OpenLM Server] LUM Denials – date parsing problem
  8. Issue #2029: [EasyAdmin] Email data is missing in export from License Activity
  9. Issue #2050: [EasyAdmin] Unmanaged processes counted as Ports
  10. Issue #2049: [OpenLM Server] Upgrade –> failed.
  11. Issue #2052: [EasyAdmin] IE9+10 License usage search cause application to hang or crash
  12. Issue #1686: [EasyAdmin] when openlm server is stopped and we query the server we get no records message
  13. Issue #2043: [EasyAdmin] Alerts’ 1st page does not look good.
  14. Issue #2014: [EasyAdmin] Add weighted usage time for token usage in License Activity
  15. Issue #2024: [EasyAdmin] Idle time report addition
  16. Issue #2031: [EasyAdmin] “Unique Users in recent month” is actually counted in the last 30 days. Message misleading
  17. Issue #2017: [EasyAdmin] Alerts not working, and there is not enough info in the logs.
  18. Issue #1833: [OpenLM Alerts] Alert Rules – Conditions – Use Percentage, Alert description to long and can not be deleted in “Alerts” Window
  19. Issue #1548: [EasyAdmin] implement a visual indication to the process for fetching a file
  20. Issue #1738: [EasyAdmin] Alert for File fetching needs reediting
  21. Issue #2020: [OpenLM Server] ‘ADD’ and ‘DELETE’ buttons disappear in Japanese locale
  22. Issue #2015: [EasyAdmin] Users and Permissions – Workstation – Can not select Agent Version 2.0 in Filter


  1. Before upgrading please make sure your system is compliant with the OpenLM System requirements.
  2. If the OpenLM server (of any version) has been already installed on the machine for a period longer than the Evaluation period, A license file will be required . Please make sure you have one before proceeding with the upgrade process. In order to obtain a valid OpenLM license file, please contact OpenLM support, and provide your MAC address and Hostname (case sensitive).

Upgrading the OpenLM Server (Internal Firebird Database)

  1. In order to upgrade to version
  2. Download the OpenLM Server installation file from the OpenLM site’s ‘Downloads’ section
  3. Stop the OpenLM Server service
  4. Backup your DB file (Typically located in: C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM Serverdb)
  5. Make sure ALL windows are closed; especially the services window.
  6. Install the new version on top of the existing one.
  7. If prompted to do so, contact OpenLM to obtain an up-to-date license file. Please provide your MAC address and Hostname (case sensitive) for that. Copy this file to the C:Program Files (x86)OpenLMOpenLM ServerLicense folder, and restart the OpenLM Server service.

Upgrading the OpenLM Server (External MS-SQL Database)

In order to upgrade to version, please contact OpenLM support at


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