OpenLM New Pre-Release Version


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OpenLM Pre-release version

Pre-release version is the third pre-release version, it includes bug fixes and new functionality. Note that this is still a pre-release version not intended for production use, please don’t upgrade your production system.


Please check for upgrade instructions at the end of this message.

What’s new in OpenLM Pre-release Server (April 24, 2014)


– 0001779: [OpenLM Server] exports xml instead off csv in license activity – resolved.

– 0001780: [EasyAdmin] License usage filter is not saved – resolved.

– 0001793: [EasyAdmin] can’t find the option to deprecate duplicates in the new alerts – resolved.

– 0001607: [OpenLM Server] support password in the dsls commands – resolved.

– 0001777: [EasyAdmin] Need to add startup filter to properties of recent feature denials – resolved.

– 0001771: [EasyAdmin] In files – should also show the option file – resolved.

– 0001770: [OpenLM Server] Logging level set to all does not change all sub-items – resolved.

– 0001767: [OpenLM Server] OpenLM Server does not report LUM Offline licenses correctly – resolved.

– 0001769: [OpenLM Server] Move VENDOR_STRING – resolved.

– 0001742: [OpenLM Server] Double quote username with spaces when writing option file – resolved.

– 0001737: [EasyAdmin] Column size not adjusted to size of contents in EasyAdmin – resolved.

– 0001751: [EasyAdmin] OpenLM splash screen need to be disabled when showing the login screen – resolved.

– 0001750: [EasyAdmin] When adding role you need to close the form in order to enable “add resources” – resolved.

– 0001753: [EasyAdmin] add username field by default to currently consumed licenses – resolved.

– 0001663: [OpenLM Server] Light: Light version is getting broker messages – resolved


How to upgrade


Upgrading from version 1.8.* using Firebird database


Upgrading an existing 1.8.* is done by installing the new version on-top of the existing version. OpenLM will automatically upgrade the database to the new DB version.

At this stage we only support embedded Firebird installation. A release that supports external databases will be release soon.


Upgrading from Pre-release version or


Upgrade from version is not supported. In order to install version please follow these steps:

  1. Open the OpenLM Server configuration form->Advanced tab and export the system settings.

  2. Uninstall the existing OpenLM Server version.

  3. Fully remove the installation folder typically located in: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Server

  4. Install the new version of the software –

  5. Start the OpenLM Server configuration form->Advanced tab and import the file that contains your system settings.


Upgrading from Pre-release version (Firebird database ONLY)


Upgrade from pre-release version is done in two stages:

  • Software upgrade

  • Database upgrade


Software upgrade: Install the new version on top of the existing version.

  1. Starting from the Setup Wizard window, click Next

  2. Run this file window, click Run

  3. EULA Window, select I agree and click Next

  4. Installation window, click Next

  5. Confirm Installation window, click Next

  6. Pop-up window to install this software, click Next

  7. Installation complete, click Close


Database upgrade:


Download the DB upgrade tool is available for download from here.


OpenLM Database Wizard is released as compressed file. Copy and unzip the file to the desktop. Open the file marked FBUpdate.exe. This will open the OpenLM database Update Wizard



Click the file button and locate the path where the database currently resides. Click Okay and then click Start>>



The database has now been updated and the window can be closed.

If for any reason the process fails, send the report named FBDBUpdate_Log.txt located in unzipped file to our Support team at:

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