OpenLM Quicktips – Hybrid licensing is good – if it’s working right!


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Using a combination of named licenses for the users who need to use their engineering software all day, every day, and concurrent licenses for those whose needs are less intensive, is a good policy for optimizing your license inventory. What many CAD managers don’t know however is that an incorrectly set up license file can allow your named license holder to unintentionally pull a concurrent license instead of using the appropriate named license. This can occur if the concurrent pool appears in the file before the named license pool! The result can be costly in license resources because the named license will not be utilized, whereas one concurrent license less will be available to other users.

The good news is that Open Broker can fix this for you automatically. In the OpenLM Broker  configuration tool, there is an option to sort the license file such that the named license pools will come first and therefore be handled before the floating license pools. All you need to do is mark the checkbox ‘Allow to Sort License File’ for the appropriate port (license manager instance). See the image below.

sort license file



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