OpenLM SLM Version 23.12 Release: What Is New?


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We at OpenLM are proud to announce the release of SLM version 23.12, packed with exciting improvements and bug fixes that will take your license management experience to the next level. Here are just a few highlights:

User Handling Enhancements

We’ve implemented improvements to user handling, ensuring precise synchronization with diverse log file formats. This enhancement eliminates the occurrence of duplicate user entries, providing a more accurate representation of license usage.

Secure Encrypted Communication

In this release, we introduce the capability to establish secure and encrypted communication between OpenLM applications and the database server. 

Failover Monitoring for RLM

OpenLM SLM now includes failover monitoring capabilities for Reprise License Manager (RLM), enhancing the reliability and resilience of your license server infrastructure.

RestAPI General Configuration Fix 

We’ve addressed the issue where an error (status=500) occurred during the RestAPI configuration import process, triggering the GetErrorResponse. This ensures a smoother configuration import experience.

Report-Scheduler Configuration Fix 

The .msi installer will no longer erroneously modify the params.js file, preventing any impact on the configuration of the Report-Scheduler.

Duplicate Usage Alerts Issue 

We’ve resolved the issue where duplicate usage alerts were triggered for the same feature on different servers, providing more accurate and reliable reporting.

Date Format Consistency 

Date format inconsistencies in CSV exports and reports have been addressed, ensuring a standardized and coherent representation of date information.

EasyAdmin User Interface NNU Report Fix

The EasyAdmin User Interface NNU report now includes allocation data when utilizing the KEY function in option files, providing a more comprehensive overview of license usage.

EasyAdmin Download Links Issue

We’ve fixed the issue with EasyAdmin’s download links, ensuring smooth and reliable access to necessary files.

NX Tokens Analysis Fix 

The analysis of NX Tokens in OpenLM SLM now functions as intended, providing accurate insights into NX license usage.

Audit Report Generation on Linux Fix 

Attempting to generate an Audit Report on a Linux-installed SLM will no longer result in a “Server Error,” ensuring a seamless reporting experience.

Options File Rule Removal Fix 

In certain scenarios, removing an INCLUDE rule for a specific MATLAB license caused OpenLM to incorrectly remove all rules from the options file. This issue has been addressed, and the correct rules are now retained.

You can download the latest OpenLM SLM installers from We hope you enjoy the new features and bug fixes that we have implemented.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Stay tuned!

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