OpenLM v22.10 – What’s new?


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OpenLM has deployed a new global release of its software for management, monitoring, and analyzing license usage. OpenLM continuously delivers new features and functionalities, plus further security improvements for better performance.

As part of our Security First policy, OpenLM v.22.10 protects our customers against the recently discovered CVE-2022-42889 Apache Commons Text vulnerability and adds better support for Autodesk Flex, alongside various under-the-hood and UI improvements and fixes.

The latest version of OpenLM software can be downloaded at

Here are the version highlights

OpenLM Server and Identity Service

  • Autodesk Cloud: Tenant ID is now stored in the Additional Key feature. This is a small change that offers a better support for Autodesk Flex.

  • .net 6 core update in the Identity Service packages: With our Security First policy in mind, we carefully assess the constant evolving industry and keep a finger on the pulse.
  • Codemeter License Manager – Denials reporting
  • Various under-the-hood and UI improvements and fixes, which we invite you to discover here:

OpenLM Broker

  • There has been a fix related to HTTPS connections to the Server.
  • A CVE-2022-42889 Apache Commons Text vulnerability has been addressed and updated to avoid any potential security risks.
  • Previously, Codemeter License Manager sent full logs to OpenLM Server. This would be a burden when the logs reach a large size. Now, we fetch only the relevant log lines.
  • Various under-the-hood and functional fixes.

OpenLM Reports Scheduler

  • CVE-2022-42889 Apache Commons Text vulnerability: To avoid any potential vulnerabilities caused by CVE-2022-42889, we have upgraded the Apache Commons Text library to version 1.10.0.

Download the latest version of the


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