OpenLM Version – Maintenance release


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Version is a maintenance release to version 1.7. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions. We  recommend users that these problems may be relevant to them to upgrade their system to this version simply by installing it on-top of their existing version.

What is included in version

OpenLM Server:

  1. Easyadmin – Workstation export csv contains now also first & last names.
  2. Easyadmin – add Japanese.
  3. Easyadmin – Add feature name to licenses export.
  4. Easyadmin – Add product description to features’ search window.
  5. Easyadmin – Fix Internet explorer error when Easyadmin starts.
  6. Increase SqlServer command timeout to 120 seconds.

Please follow these steps when upgrading (Some of our customers experienced “error 1001” which is related to a problem with Windows):

  1. Backup your DB file (Typically located in: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Serverdb)
  2. Stop the OpenLM Server service
  3. Make sure to close ALL windows, especially the services window
  4. Install the new version on-top of the existing version
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