Problems & solutions for management of Flexnet Floating license server


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Many software packages use Macrovision Flexnet floating license manager in order to protect their products. The protection helps the software maker to reduce piracy rate but in most cases, it is also causing troubles to users by making the software less friendly.  In this brief guide, we are discussing some of the most common problems encountered while using Macrovision floating license manager, and we are offering “first aid” commands to resolve some of these common problems. In addition, you also have the option of using OpenLM as an overall solution so you will never need to bother with these commands again.

Users can manage the license manager by using UI or the command line. In our solution we prefer the use of the command line interface, since it is more comprehensive and easier for use (at least for ex UNIX users).  As of lately, many organizations abandoned UNIX workstations for Windows XP and the majority of the license servers that run on Windows 2003, are employing a hardware key. The hardware key on the Windows workstation replaces the unique CPU ID that was originally used at the time of the good old UNIX…

Following are a few common problems and their offered solutions for Flexlm manager:

Problem: Running a License Server is usually done by using windows service that was created as part of the installation process, some problems occur as part of the general use of the system requiring administrator’s intervention.

Solution: When problems arise the license server can be activated manually by using the command: lmgrd -c “license file name”
This command is allowing us to check the problems that prevent the license from working properly.

Problem: Verifying who is currently using the licenses.

Solution: Checking for used licenses can be accomplished by accessing the server Command Prompt or any other station that has the software installed.

On the server machine:  lmutil lmstat -a  Will list all license and users.
lmutil lmstat -A  Will list only Active users.
On a remote machine:   lmutil lmstat -a -c <port-number@license-server>

Problem: User exited the application however the license manager is still reporting him as being in use.

Solution: There are two possible Command Syntax for this problem, one that is absolutely difficult and a second which is relatively simple to use.

lmstat output for the sample:

Users of SOFT:  (total of 2 license available)

“some software” v4.0, vendor: ABC Soft

floating license

username SERVERNAME 6BLf”L{>j0)n0ecs~ (v9.0) (lic_server/27004 104), started Fri 6/11 10:30

The ugly: lmutil lmremove <feature> <user> <host> <display>

or with the values: lmutil lmremove “some softwar” username SERVERNAME 6BLf”L{>j0)n0ecs~

The problem is that the characters of the display string may cause problems.

The good: lmutil lmremove -h FEATURENAME server_host PORT handle

And with values:
lmutil lmremove -h SOFT SERVERNAME 27004@lic_server 104

Problem: One user is showing as having registered as using two licenses on the very same workstation.

Try to kill both of the licenses, even if we manage to kill both, the software will usually reconnect to the license server after 5 retries. If this will not help, restart the license manager service. If it is still not helping – there may be a process still running at the workstation, check and kill all your protected software processes.

In general, restarting the license manager service looks like a dangerous action but our long experience demonstrates that it solves the problem in most of the cases and if the license is properly configured, it will reconnect with all the clients shortly there after.

OpenLM license manager can help the License Manager administrator solve all of the problems we described automatically. OpenLM monitors Macrovision’s License Server and fixes any problem in real time, significantly increasing the availability of licenses for the organization users. OpenLM will leverage your investment in expensive software licenses and will allow you to save money on maintenance. Use our Contact Form to get in touch with us and we will show you how to save money and unnecessary headache

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