Our team is delighted to introduce the latest version of the OpenLM for Cloud.

The progressive work and the desire to improve our user friendliness has brought to the light some substantial enhancements:

A big achievement for this release is the support of the Directory Synchronization Service on OpenLM Cloud.

If you are new with OpenLM, our Cloud Tour will guide you through the onboarding process –  here you are with the first monitored license manager!

Do not worry if you are not granted all the permissions – the FlexLM logs and debug files can be manually uploaded to the Cloud. This is at the ready solution for a quick insight on the licenses across your company.

Therewith, the License Server widget comes with a new UI, still to make you cherish the experience with OpenLM.

Stay tuned and check our release note page for upcoming news!

Please feel free to contact OpenLM Support with any questions or requests.

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