OpenLM Server v5.5 – What is new?


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On February 10 we released the OpenLM Server v5.5 – Here are the key features we want to put the focus on:

Announcing OpenLM Agent licensed via Reusable Tokens 

Important note!

OpenLM Active Agent users must first get a license file for Version 5.5 before continuing with the upgrade.

To get the license, contact our Sales team at or use the chat icon on our website.

OpenLM Reusable Tokens License Manager represents an important milestone in our development path and commitment. This will bring substantial value and flexibility to the OpenLM users, given the fact the same tokens have capabilities to manage any application for any user. 

Furthermore, the management, monitoring, and reporting are going to become much easier: all the gathered historical data will help create a clear picture of the number of Tokens required. Thus, optimizing the expenditures and instead, focusing on what really matters.

For example, if previously the Active Agent functionality used to be a user named licensing model, now the token-based model offers freedom and flexibility to: 

  • Track all the data sent by the Agents and create a token pool directly proportional to your traffic
  • Actual usage
  • Suspend & Resume 
  • Save & Close
  • Various Agent procedures

Save&Close functionality for oil applications

Petra, Harmony, and Kingdom can now benefit from the Save&Close functionality.

ServiceNow: Authentication via OAuth 2.0

OpenLM is committed to delivering products that align with the most up-to-date technology and security standards. This way, the OAuth 2.0 protocol has been implemented to connect to the  ServiceNow (via db/config file).

ServiceNow: Proxy Support 

OpenLM ServiceNow Adapter is synchronizing OpenLM data to ServiceNow, so our user can analyze engineering license usage data in ServiceNow. Some of our customers faced connectivity issues when their server had to connect to the internet using a proxy. OpenLM Server adapter for ServiceNow is now able to connect to ServiceNow servers from machines that are connected to the Internet through a proxy.

Check out the full log of bug fixes and enhancements. Stay tuned!

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