The Unsung Heroes: The Pivotal Role Played by OpenLM Support Engineers


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Just like any successful product company, OpenLM support engineers function as one of the vital organs of the organization. These are the individuals who bridge the gap between the product and the customer, ensuring a seamless user experience. Apart from that, they play a key role in R&D to ensure OpenLM retains its competitive advantages over other SLM products. 

In the bustling Kolkata office of OpenLM India, one can find Sobhan Roy, a prime example of this dedication. As a Senior Presales and Support Engineer, Sobhan acts as a vital link between OpenLM and its global clientele. He tirelessly connects with customers worldwide and provide them with the support and services they need. Recently, we were having a discussion with him regarding the kind of work he and other Presales and Support Engineers do at OpenLM. Here’s an excerpt.

What are your usual activities as one of the OpenLM support engineers?

My regular activity usually involves checking tickets raised by customers and replying to them. If needed, I also join one-to-one sessions to resolve their issues. In addition, there are regular sessions with customers who are subscribers of OpenLM Managed Services. Sometimes, if a customer is facing any bug, we access their database and check and test them with our internal developers. In certain cases, we have to raise Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) for any bug or user story, and keep following up. Overall, we assess the chances of errors customers are getting and respond accordingly.

Is your role as a support engineer limited to customer support only?

Not at all. I, along with other OpenLM support engineers, also support our internal teams in product development. Before every product release, we test the product internally and provide feedback, so that the bug reported gets fixed. Recently, we were also working on OpenLM NewGen. Here, our role was to test new versions of OpenLM NewGen 2024 and submit audit reports. Based on the feedback, the developers made changes to it.

Apart from support roles, what are the Pre-Sales activities that you do?

As part of our pre-sales activity, we are regularly conducting webinars with existing customers and prospects. The topics revolve around our product and presentation of OpenLM features such as idle time monitoring, license harvesting, actual usage, and more. Apart from this, our pre-sales support includes providing Proof of Concept (POC) services to customers who are subscribing to our product for the first time, along with health-check sessions for our existing customers.

“In the end, all businesses are people businesses,” said Harold S. Geneen, former President of ITT Corporation. Similarly, we at OpenLM are constantly reaching new heights only because we are getting to work with the best people across industries, both inside and outside of the organization. While our customers are our driving force, the success of our company depends just as much on OpenLM support engineers, product developers, as well as sales and marketing people. Their collective excellence is enabling OpenLM to deliver a smooth onboarding and user experience for its prospects and customers.

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