What Are Autodesk Feature codes, and Autodesk Product keys.


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Feature codes

Feature codes distinguish Autodesk features; each Autodesk feature is represented by a unique Flexnet feature code. For example, AutoCAD 2014 has been assigned the 86063ACD_2014_0F Feature code.

When a user starts or ends a network instance of an Autodesk product, the Network License Manager (NLM) refers to the Feature code, and either provides or denies the requested license. The respective Flexnet debug log entries for AutoCAD 2014 would be:

  • Time (adskflex) OUT: “86063ACD_2014_0F” user@hostname
  • Time (adskflex) IN: “86063ACD_2014_0F” user@hostname
  • Time (adskflex) DENIED: “86063ACD_2014_0F” user@hostname (cause of denial)

The Feature code can be found either in a confirmation email for your purchase, or printed on the box when physically purchased. If you cannot find the Feature code through those means, please refer to the OpenLM License Parser. Simply submit the license file and the parser will generate a report that contains the Feature code, among other data.

Product keys

Autodesk Product keys are yet another code that is attached to specific Autodesk products. It is used to mark whether a product has been sold “stand alone” or as part of a product package. For example:

Installing AutoCAD 2015 alone requires the 001G1 product key.

Installing AutoCAD 2015 as part of Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium 2015 requires product key 782G1.

A product key reference table for Autodesk 2015 products is found here.

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