OpenLM SLM and OpenLM Broker v24.6 release


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This month, we’re excited to share the latest enhancements and fixes in OpenLM SLM and OpenLM Broker. Let’s dive into the details:

OpenLM Broker v24.6

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Improved filtering functionality for reservations.
  • Resolved issues with the date format for Managed DSLS.
  • Corrected the license quantity and the number of users for Managed DSLS.
  • Fixed reporting and token aggregation for Hosted HyperWorks Unit.
  • Ensured FlexNet Embedded successfully creates FNE allocations from VLM requests.
  • Eliminated duplicate session displays for Moldex3D.
  • Corrected quantity reporting for Hexagon’s Intergraph Smart Licensing.
  • Added support for Salesforce.
  • Enabled monitoring for Comos denials.

OpenLM SLM v24.6

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Addressed issues with enabled LM appearing as duplicates in Pending.
  • Resolved errors encountered during the upgrade to v24.04.
  • Fixed errors related to the ‘Store user information anonymously’ functionality in Data Management settings.
  • Ensured the additional key is saved in Alert Rules.
  • Fixed OpenLM Server v24 service startup failures following upgrades.
  • Addressed parsing issues for Client Version in FLEXlm.
  • Increased data export capacity for OpenLM Cloud.
  • Added missing Product Name field for Autodesk Cloud.
  • Ensured accurate logging for FlexLM Saltd: OUT IN Time from the debug log.
  • Fixed analysis issues for Codemeter (Vissim) License Manager output.
  • Added support for the credit licensing model in DSLS.
  • Implemented support for Aspen in Token Calculator for RMS.

To see more information and details, please visit our release notes page: OpenLM Release Notes
Download the latest installers on our download page: OpenLM Downloads
Upgrade your OpenLM system with confidence using our step-by-step video guide:
Upgrade OpenLM System

Stay tuned!


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