What is new in version 1.7 of OpenLM – Detailed


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Localization and advanced configuration

Advanced system configuration including language and locale definitions. We plan to provide support for Spanish and may be able to support additional languages.

New and improved options for Active Directory synchronization

The group attribute option now provides a very powerful option of extracting and manipulating any attribute from AD in order to extract the group name.

Support for FLEXlm triad (Fail Safe) configuration

This configuration allows users to work with application names instead on license server/port combinations. The use of a “virtual server” name allows the system to collect the usage information to the virtual server name and by that get a continues usage report regardless of main server switch.

New Desktop design to OpenLM EasyAdmin

OpenLM EasyAdmin now have a new desktop design that allow users to get more our of the system.

Control your license servers from EasyAdmin interface

Users can now control their license servers from the EasyAdmin interface. The stop, start and reread actions are supported.


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