What is Reprise RLM


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Reprise is a software company which bases its activity on software license management. It is a descendant of Globetrotter, the same company that also begat Flexera – producers of Flexnet publisher.

Reprise’s flag product is the RLM license manager. The RLM license manager controls the allocation of licenses by allowing a product to check out and check in a named license. The license manager keeps track of which users and computers can use these licenses, and, if the license is a floating license, the license manager keeps track of how many copies of the license are in use.

RLM resembles FlexLM in certain aspects, such as the structure of license server commands, and content of license files, options files and log files. According to Reprise publications, RLM was made more efficient than its sibling FlexLM, by “avoiding unnecessary options in the client library and the license servers and moving these options to the license file, where they are visible and understandable by everyone”.


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