What’s New in Version 3.2 of the OpenLM Server


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Though mostly under the hood, the following changes have taken place on the server side on the new 3.2 version of OpenLM:

  • The OpenLM Server now accommodates the improvements in the OpenLM Broker messaging system that were mentioned in the previous post
  • Some scenarios that have lead to OpenLM reporting excessive license usage have been detected and fixed
  • Logging has been changed to accommodate separate logs per each license server
  • Support for monitoring specific license server types and multi-server redundant configurations (Triad) in DSLS, IBM-LUM and FLEXlm was improved

To learn about the OpenLM Server 3.2 API changes, click here.

That’s it for the enhancements and fixes of version 3.2!

Existing customers with valid maintenance agreements can upgrade their OpenLM software to version 3.2 for FREE. To buy OpenLM 3.2 today, contact our sales team.

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