What’s New in Version 3.2 of the OpenLM Broker


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The OpenLM Broker is an optional yet highly recommended component that runs on the license server machine. It performs tasks as dictated by the OpenLM Server, and is required in order to provide advanced licensing information and sophisticated abilities.

In version 3.2 we’ve made some enhancements and additions to the OpenLM Broker.

First and foremost, we’ve improved the Broker’s algorithm. License manager queries’ data is now better linked with license manager log file data. This improvement significantly boosts reports’ stability and real-time accuracy.

We added support for monitoring some new license manager types:

In addition, hint lines have also been added to the Broker configuration interface.

The next post will present the OpenLM Server upgrade.

Existing customers with valid maintenance agreements can upgrade their OpenLM software to version 3.2. You can also subscribe to one of our open webinars to learn more about this version. To buy OpenLM 3.2 today, contact our sales team.

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