Where Google fails, OpenLM support provides answers


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They say “Google is your friend,” but if a search of the 1.7 billion websites (the number is an estimate) does not produce the answer you’re looking for, then it is worth considering other options. One that truly works is the old-fashioned way: ask for help from professionals who have experience and knowledge of the matter in question. They will always know where to look for the specific information you need. Here is a short story – involving IBM Maximo and FLEXlm – about how OpenLM support goes the extra mile to share their knowledge and deliver answers to those who reach out with a question.

On a bright sunny day, our customer support representative was contacted via Web chat with a specific question: can OpenLM monitor IBM Maximo? OpenLM can monitor more than 60 license managers, so after performing an internet search with ambiguous Web pages, the support member asked back a question: Is Maximo using FLEXlm or IBM LUT for license manager?

The person reaching out to us couldn’t answer.

At this point, it appeared the question would remain unsolved, because it was beyond the technical knowledge of both the person reaching out to us and the support member. However, as support is there to help customers and prospects, he asked for an email address to which he could send the information after consulting with the head of support and people at OpenLM knowledgeable in the matter.

The answer came back quickly, and the email was sent minutes afterwards: IBM Maximo is a Rational License Key server product delivered by IBM built with FLEXlm. And, yes, OpenLM can monitor IBM Maximo.

As the above story shows, when we say that OpenLM is customer-centric, we truly mean it. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team at customer support is at the service of our customers or prospects 24/7, by chat, mail, or phone, to answer your technical questions and solve issues related to OpenLM’s solution.

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