Who’s Not Using Their Dedicated Licenses?


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OpenLM customers have requested us to help them figure out the best way to deploy dedicated software licenses among their users.

Savvy Deployment

Savvy deployment of software licenses is a key parameter to maintaining high levels of efficiency and productivity within an organization. Dedication of licenses to specific users should be a dynamic, iterative process, maintained by constant and systematic review, and based on hard facts.

Missing Information

License administrators encounter a challenging task when addressing the issue of license deployment optimization.

On one hand, software providers display a bewildering variety of license types, reflecting different license usage policies, entitlements and prices.

On the other hand, vendors do not provide a clear understanding of the levels of historical license usage. Information provided by license management tools is rudimentary at best. Usage reports do not clearly reflect :

    1. What types of licenses have been consumed, i.e. the distribution of consumption between Named, Node locked, Stand-alone and Concurrent (Floating) licenses.
    2. The level of actual usage, i.e. how much time was the software actually being used, and not just opened on the user’s desktop, consuming an expensive license without actually using it.
    3. Actual Usage Time

      OpenLM provides a method for monitoring active usage of software processes on end users’ workstations. It clearly shows the percentage of productive within sessions of consumed licenses.

      Multiple Pool License Monitoring

      OpenLM provides a method for attributing license consumption to specific licensing pools. It provides clear data on the utilization of Concurrent (Floating), Stand-alone, Node-Locked and Network-Named-Users’ licenses.

      Who’s Not Using Their Dedicated Licenses?

      OpenLM devised reports that depict the efficiency of license dedication to specific users. It is now possible to examine and compare the utilization of Floating licenses with that of dedicated licenses, and deduce the optimal license distribution scheme. The image below shows a customer’s MATLAB Network Named User (NNU) license consumption per username within a predefined period:


      A brief examination of this graph enlightens license administrators as to which users should keep their dedicated licenses, and which licenses should be revoked.

      Who Is Entitled to a Dedicated License?

      The image below shows a customer’s MATLAB Floating license consumption per username within a predefined period:


      This graph provides clear indication of heavy MATLAB users. License administrators may consider granting such users with dedicated licenses, thus accommodating their licensing needs, and avoiding consumption of expensive Concurrent licenses.


      In view of the above, OpenLM is a unique tool for obtaining clear and objective insight on license consumption, en-route optimization of license efficiency and organizational productivity.

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