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Compliance and Audit of Engineering Software

Engineering Software Compliance

The subject of software compliance has a special significance when it comes to engineering software. The main reason for this is due to the high price per seat such software and the resulting popular licensing model called concurrent or floating licenses. In the regular non-engineering software world, a certain number of licenses are purchased while there is no automated method of preventing the number of installations from exceeding the number of licenses. With a large number of software applications in use and many users, system administrators can easily lose track and find themselves out of compliance without intention. Vendor software audits on the premises can result in unplanned demands for the purchase of the overused licenses and also fines.

Engineering software applications that are managed by license manager software (also called license servers) cannot use more than the purchased number of licenses concurrently. They can be out of compliance in other ways however. The licenses of this kind are frequently purchased for use in one country only. Multinational organizations may have a license manager that serves more than one country and without special setup they can unintentionally or otherwise give access to their engineers in countries excluded from the licensing policy to pull licenses and use them.

In Compliance Out of Pocket!

Another problem is that of license-manager-controlled software that allows the user organization to pull a license without limit but then bills the customer for all usage made. This can often result in large and unexpected bills, due to users holding on to licenses when not using them. The newer token based models are particularly notorious for this. Ironically, this is not so much a question of being out of compliance with the vendor but rather not being in control of the usage (even when no actual use is made of the application).

OpenLM solves these problems for companies using engineering software.

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Engineering Software Audit

The term software audit generally carries the connotation of software vendors checking up on organizations that use their software – usually paying customers – with the aim of finding more installations than licenses. In the world of engineering software however this is less common partly because of the common use of floating or concurrent licenses or even named license models that have some form of license manager software.

Software audit for engineering applications is more of a self audit to find out how many concurrent licenses are used compared to the number purchased and to find out usage trends. This kind of auditing can quickly identify the license hoggers, those users who check out licenses and keep on to them even when not using them so they will be at hand when needed. The problem is that other users may need those licenses and get denied because there are no more available.

OpenLM is the ultimate engineering software audit tool. For more information about software compliance and software audit for engineering applications, see license monitoring and more.

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