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Engineering Software License Health Checkup

 OpenLM’s engineering software license health checkup is a new service provided to all customers with a valid maintenance agreement. It will help you ensure your OpenLM installation is configured correctly and that your engineering licenses are being tracked correctly.


Why do you Need a Health Checkup for Your Engineering Software Licenses?

  1. You might not be optimizing your software licenses like you should.
  2. You may not be familiar with some of the most important OpenLM reports.
  3. Your configuration settings might not be up-to-date due to license inventory and application usage changes.
  4. You might be faced with licensing model changes from your engineering software vendor. If so, you should know how to evaluate the impact of the change.


What Does it Include?

  • A review of your configuration settings
  • A walk-through of some of the most critical reports and assessment
  • Guidance for optimizing your engineering software license inventories
  • Personal assistance in upgrading to the latest version of OpenLM Core and all related components and extensions.


OpenLM Health Checkup Report includes an overview of the products, their configuration and functionality. CPU & Memory loads status is also checked. Based on overall information OpenLM provides recommended actions which are resolved right away or placed under a ticket system for further implementation.

Eg. Report Example of Broker Checkup

Brocker Health Checkup OpenLM


When to do the Engineering Software License Health Checkup?

You can request a license health checkup whenever you like. We strongly recommend at least once a year but we will be more than happy to check for you on a more regular basis. For more details about OpenLM products, see OpenLM products.

Engineering Software License Health Checkup