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OpenLM hosts your data in the U.S., as non-EU-based businesses can host their data in data centers based in the United States.

OpenLM hosts your data in a data center based in the EU to ensure that the data remains within the jurisdiction of the GDPR and is subject to its strong data protection standards.

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A few insights

Feature Usage Status

Allows you to easily see the number of licenses used, the number of licenses borrowed, and the license-usage percentage.


Presents general system status information in a single glance: License Servers’ status, “Top 10” statistics concerning all monitored applications, etc.


Denials per feature. It presents the number of denied license requests in long or/and short-term periods.

Why OpenLM

Outstanding Support

24/6 OpenLM support engineers are available via email, phone, or Live chat support.

60+ License Managers

Support for other license managers may be added upon request.

ServiceNow Integration

OpenLM works with the ServiceNow instance. Available on ServiceNow store.

Professional Service

Engineering license management services for businesses around the world.

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