Install Workstation Agent (Old Name->OpenLM Agent) – SCCM – HT817

Install Workstation Agent – SCCM #

1.Creating Installation Package

  • Download the latest version of “Workstation Agent”.
  • Place the Workstation Agent installer on the SCCM server or on a network share.
  • Open SCCM Configuration Management Console on the SCCM server.
  • open the “Software Library” menu
  • Right-click on “Applications” then choose “Folder
  • Give the folder a new name and click OK.
  • Right-click on “Applications” and choose “Create Application”
  • Select “Automatically detect information about this application from the installation files
  • Choose an installation file type
  • Click the ‘down’ arrow on the “Type” drop-down list
  • Choose “Window Installer (*.msi)”
  • Browse for the Workstation Agent installation file.
  • Click Next twice then Input all relevant and desired details.
  • Modify the Installation program field as required
  • Browse for the installation file to select it.
  • Select the desired installation behavior from “Install Behavior”.
  • Click “Next-Next” then “Close“.


2.Deploying Application to Target Workstations

  • Open SCCM console.
  • Software Library > Overview > Application Management > Applications.
  • Right-click on Workstation Agent application and select “Deploy”.
  • Click Browse and select the users you wish to deploy to and click OK.
  • Click Next to advance to “Content”.
  • Click ADD to choose “Distribution Points” and then OK.
  • Click Next to advance to “Deployment Settings”.
  • Change the option “Available” to “Required”.
  • Click Next to advance to “Scheduling”.
  • Click Next to advance to “User Experience”.
  • Click Next to advance to “Alert”.
  • Click Next-Next and Close the wizard.
  • Upon successful deployment, Workstation Agent should appear in the “Software Center”.
  • Continue with configuring Workstation Agent functionalities, Configure OpenLM Extensions and view the Reports of OpenLM.

Please make sure you have a single OpenLM Server installation on a central network server.

See more information on the SCCM installation process and  full documentation on the installation process of the Workstation Agent.

Continue with Configuring OpenLM Extensions or viewing the Reports of OpenLM.



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