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Dear OpenLM users


We usually don’t expose our new features before they are formally released but this time we need your feedback and cooperation more than ever. Like every good idea, the OpenLM Router started with a different purpose in mind. Only after we shared it with a very limited number of customers was its true potential revealed.


The OpenLM Router improves control over network floating licenses;

  • It acts as a virtualization layer, hiding the actual license server from end users. This facilitates changes made to the license manager configuration, making them transparent to end users.
  • OpenLM can now apply access restrictions based on IP address for any license manager type.
  • The router collects end users’ IP addresses even in open environments like universities, where users come unidentified.


In this newsletter you will find:

  • A detailed technical description of the OpenLM Router.
  • A success story: OpenLM Router implemented at the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.


We have already developed and tested the main router component and are now busy interfacing it with the OpenLM Server. Our plan is to release it for testing during June 2015. Until then, we will appreciate your feedback:

  • What do you think about the OpenLM Router solution ?
  • Let’s discuss your requirements and produce a refined implementation plan to match your licensing environment.
  • We are very keen on collaborating with you in setting up a router beta implementation on your system. Will you be interested in trying it out ?


Please contact me with any questions or ideas regarding the OpenLM Router:


Oren Gabay

CEO, OpenLM.