OpenLM Trends and News - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Trends & News

Get updated and learn how to stretch your licenses to their limit.

Moldex3D LM Integration with OpenLM

Moldex3D-LM provides the options to integrate Moldex3D license utility with OpenLM that help IT manager, License administrator and end user to solve daily challenges of license management.

Covid-19 OpenLM CEO Message

These are unprecedented times for our global communities grappling with a new normal in light of COVID-19. While we are focused first and foremost on the well-being of our families and employees, we also remain committed to supporting our customers.

OpenLM integration on ServiceNow

Starting from March 2020, OpenLM software is available on ServiceNow store. OpenLM and ServiceNow began their collaboration a few months back and brought an integrated solution for the management of engineering software licenses for ServiceNow platform users.

OpenLM Annual Conference 2020

OpenLM Annual Conference was held in Vienna from 26th to 28th of January 2020. Traditionally, the event gathered OpenLM employees from all around the world. The annual conference is designed to increase the capacity of OpenLM ...