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Manage all your organization’s licenses faster, smarter, and simpler with OpenLM from just one global platform while ensuring license availability, and reducing IT Licensing costs by at least 15%.

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Our ‘Flexible Pricing Plan’ to suit your business of every size. Ensure you stay on budget. OpenLM’s flat rate per user eliminates surprises, brings full transparency, predictability, and better budget planning. Monitor and govern your software assets regardless of the organization’s size, big or small. 

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Existing customers: Please contact sales for any queries. From monitoring licenses for better usage, increased availability, reduced license denials to automation, real-time reporting and analytics, license audit and compliance, feature wise license usage, supporting 60+ license managers, all the leading OS and more.

30 days trial with all features. Pay per user. No hidden costs. We beat every official quote for the same functionality.

OpenLM OneDirectorySync


Per user, per month billed annually

OpenLM Academic Program

Our special discounted pricing for academic institutions through our ‘OpenLM Academic Program


Annual Subscription

Transition from perpetual pricing to user-based pricing

Existing Customers

Yes. OpenLM is committed to delivering the best experience possible to our customers. This is why we encourage you to select the subscription that best suits your budget, and you will also keep all the existing capabilities of OpenLM you have purchased.

We encourage you to select one of the two subscriptions currently available – Monitoring or Optimization – even if the subscription price is higher than the amount you have paid so far. We understand how important it is to monitor all your users; therefore, you won’t be charged for the difference you might get with the transition to the new subscriptions: you will get the same number of users as before.

For more detailed information on the transition, contact sales.

You can monitor an unlimited number of vendor daemons and/or applications.

For more detailed information on the transition, contact sales.

New Customers

Check the Pricing FAQ section to get the most knowledge.

Pricing FAQ

A unique user (username) who has used one (or more) applications monitored by OpenLM in the past 30 days.

Once you fill out the contact form, our sales team will get in touch with you to help you get started with OpenLM. After the demo, you will be assigned a dedicated support representative who will answer all your questions.

Our pay-per-user pricing allows organizations of all sizes to manage their software assets. The Monitoring edition of OpenLM allows you to gain the necessary insights into license consumption, while the Automation edition will give you more control over your licenses. 

OpenLM Academic Program was established to provide license management software to accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities for non-commercial, not-for-profit, and educational purposes.

We calculate the pricing based on the number of users, not applications. This means that you now have the option to select the subscription that suits your license management needs. The Monitoring plan includes all the necessary tools to gain critical insights into license consumption, while the Automation edition extends OpenLM’s capabilities to give you more control over your software assets.


OpenLM is committed to delivering the best experience to our customers. No matter the solution you select, you get the same level of support. However, when compared to our OpenLM Software License Management (SLM) solution, OpenLM Software License Management Cloud allows you to have a monitoring system up and running in minutes, without any software installation.


No, there is no such plan, please contact our sales team for the perpetual pricing. However this per user pricing model gives our users much more flexibility to derive the best out of OpenLM.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express or wire transfer. We don’t accept PayPal.

This OpenLM feature allows you to import user details from Windows Active Directory, including host and user names, organization units (OU’s) and groups. It is synchronized according to the frequency you specify (doesn’t require anything else) and works with multiple corporate AD domains.


Professional Service goes beyond the maintenance support covered by the OpenLM license. It requires a service contract which includes the installation, configuration and maintenance of the OpenLM system for a fee specified in the agreement.


This OpenLM extension allows you to allocate OpenLM functionality to different administrators. First define administration roles with different OpenLM capabilities and then grant roles to appropriate administrators as necessary.

This OpenLM extension allows you to define alerts and have them sent to the license administrator. Get notifications when certain criteria are met such as license about to expire, license used to 90% capacity, and more.

This OpenLM extension gives you a usage report option according to the group. Groups can be custom defined in OpenLM or based on imported (synchronized) Active Directory OU’s and work groups.

This OpenLM extension gives you a usage reporting option according to project. Projects are defined in OpenLM and users of engineering software can be forced to select the appropriate project when pulling a license.

Custom Commands allow users to create functions for personalizing their OpenLM experience. This is an extremely flexible tool that allows users to run scripts for managing specialized situations for licenses and permissions that occur with changing usage status.


OpenLM supports the management and monitoring of a variety of license manager types, such as Flexera FlexLM, DSLS and Sentinel RMS. Since version 2.0, OpenLM has added the possibility of monitoring “unmanaged” software applications.

The Token-Flex feature of OpenLM was specifically designed for Autodesk’s Token-Flex licensing model.

The OpenLM License Allocation Manager allows administrators to easily edit FlexLM Options Files remotely, using a user-friendly “click-to-select” interface.

OpenLM allows license managers/SAM managers to automatically retrieve licenses that are sitting idle on the end user workstation. The OpenLM license harvesting add-on is the right tool to actively manage licensed applications, improve license availability and boost application efficiency. To enable the license harvesting add-on, you need to purchase tokens. Learn more.

This OpenLM extension allows you to report how much time a license was consumed by a specific user for a specific session. Parameters include user idle time, CPU and data IO. It allows you to report how much time a license was idle while in the hands of a user. To enable the Actual Usage add-on, you need to purchase tokens. Learn more.


This external component of OpenLM provides advanced querying capabilities, extended data modeling, and report creation features that enable you to build robust data models, along with amazing reports that will amplify your business intelligence efforts. To learn more about Reporting Hub, read this article. To activate Reporting Hub, contact sales. The installation and configuration of the Reporting Hub and reporting system requires. OpenLM Professional Services.

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