What is JetBrains License Server (FLS)?

JetBrains License Server, often referred to as FLS (Floating License Server), is a key element in managing licenses for JetBrains’ suite of integrated development environment (IDE) tools. JetBrains, renowned for its popular IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and ReSharper, utilizes the License Server to provide a centralized and efficient licensing solution. FLS is designed to streamline license distribution, ensure compliance, and facilitate flexible license usage for teams using JetBrains products.

About JetBrains

JetBrains, founded in 2000, is a well-established software development company known for creating intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for developers. Their suite of IDEs caters to a variety of programming languages, offering advanced coding assistance, debugging, and testing features. The JetBrains License Server aligns with JetBrains’ commitment to delivering high-quality development tools, providing organizations with a seamless and centralized licensing solution.

Where to Download JetBrains License Server (FLS)?

Users can download JetBrains License Server (FLS) from the official JetBrains website. For the latest version, consult the FLS installation page.

How to Optimize JetBrains License Server (FLS) Licenses?


For organizations aiming to optimize the utilization of JetBrains licenses, OpenLM offers a robust solution. With OpenLM’s intuitive interface and powerful tracking functionalities, users can gain insights into JetBrains License Server usage, implement optimization strategies, and enhance overall operational efficiency. To streamline your JetBrains license management and ensure optimal resource allocation, consider exploring OpenLM’s solution for effective license utilization.

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