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Active Agent

Active Agent Extensions enable you to identify idle open sessions and safely release them in order to improve license utilization.

Methods of idle license harvesting

There are several methods for achieving idle license retrieval in OpenLM, all require the installation of the OpenLM Agent on end-users’ workstations, and are based on monitoring activity levels of predefined processes on those workstations. The capabilities provided by OpenLM are:

1. Idle time monitoring and Manual retrieval

The idle time period is shown in the OpenLM EasyAdmin ‘Start’ → ‘Operational’ → “Currently consumed licenses” → “Recent App. Idle period” column. This information is sampled by the OpenLM Agent module on each client workstation and propagated to the OpenLM server.
Please read more about this capability here.

Required extension:


Requires the installation of OpenLM Agent modules on the end users’ workstation.


2. Suspend and Resume

OpenLM detects an idle process and identifies its respective license. The license is released into the common license pool, and the application is “frozen” until a license is reclaimed. This method is a global one, intended for all sorts of FlexLM licensed applications.
Please read more about this capability here.

Required extension:



Only applicable to FlexLM license-file managed applications. Not applicable to FlexLM “Trusted storage” licenses (e.g.: ArcGIS and new Solidworks licenses).


3. Save and Close

In the ”Save and Close” method, an idle application is identified, the user’s work is saved, and the application is actively shut down. The application is not just suspended, as opposed to the ”Suspend and Resume” method.
Please read more about this capability here.

The ”Save and Close”method is only applicable to specific licensed application vendors: ESRI (vendors of ArcGIS), Autodesk (vendors of AutoCAD), MathWorks (vendors of Matlab), and Solidworks (New). These applications are named by convention “Extension Supported” applications.

Required extension:



Only applicable to Autodesk, ArcGIS, Matlab and Solidworks.


4. Enhanced Agent procedures

Many customers have asked for advanced license retrieval capabilities. These requests included:

  1. General-purpose license retrieval for licenses managed by any type of license server, not restricted to FlexLM.
  2. Close idle applications for ‘Unmanaged’ licenses, i.e.: licenses that are not managed by a license server, or that their LM is not natively queried by OpenLM

OpenLM provides a script-based, flexible, configurable mechanism to facilitate such requests and accommodate future scenarios.
Please read more about this capability here.

Required extensions:

Unmanaged Processes

Prerequisites & System Requirements


The Active Agent extension requires the OpenLM Agent installed on the end-users workstations and the OpenLM Server installed on a dedicated machine. Download these components here.

Check out the System Requirements here.

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