Directory Synchronization v21.10 on-prem&Cloud – What is new?


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Last week we have released the Directory Synchronization both for on-premise and Cloud (European environment).

Both the Cloud and on-premise contains the same set of adjustments, but we are thrilled to introduce a special new tool for the customers who use or are going to adhere to our DSS Cloud platform:

Directory Synchronization for software vendors in Cloud(European environment)

This new tool is designed to allow vendors to fetch changes from their customers’ directories. 

To start using the new feature, you need to:

  1. Register or migrate to OpenLM Cloud.
  2. Request access from the support team to Directory Synchronization in the Cloud, and specify the need to read the data externally.
  3. Download the DSA, and install it in the customer’s environment, then approve it in the Cloud account of the  DSS. 
  4. Download a  sample of the client application from,  and follow the attached description to consume directory changes.

Besides the new tool, we have also fixed some things:

  • Minor UI improvements;
  • Database issues fixes;

I invite you to read our release notes page.

Download the DSS&DSA from here.

Navigate in the Cloud here.

Stay tuned for more!


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