Five reasons to be excited about OpenLM NewGen 2024


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We at OpenLM have been redefining software license monitoring (SLM) for the last two decades – with the mantras of efficiency, monitoring, and cost-saving. As a software organization, we are constantly innovating to equip our SLM solutions with the diverse business requirements of modern customers. Soon, we are coming with OpenLM NewGen 2024, which will take your license monitoring experience to the next level.

Curious about what’s in store? Here are five reasons to be excited about OpenLM NewGen 2024!

Transition from monolithic to microservices-based architecture

The current version of OpenLM is built as a monolithic structure in which the open server handles nearly all the functionalities, including broker functionality, session monitoring, and Agent functionality.

However, in the new architecture, we plan to adopt microservices. These are individual, more minor services that will handle specific functions. Currently, all the functions are concentrated in one place, but with the implementation of microservices, we can split them into multiple parts and distribute them across different hardware. This will prevent the core system from getting overwhelmed with tasks, and we will be able to support a more significant number of users and Agents without any complications.

In the long run, this new microservice-based architecture will enable customers to allocate resources based on their needs.

BI integration opens the door to limitless possibilities

Another major update in the OpenLM NewGen 2024 is integrating the Power BI tool. Thanks to this adaptability, reportings have become more user-friendly with visually appealing graphs. This marks a significant transition from Excel-based reports, which will enhance data comprehension for non-technical users. Besides that, BI enables OpenLM to generate near-real-time reporting rather than relying on scheduled reporting, so timely optimization of software licenses has become quite simple for the users. Thus, you can track your overall software usage, costs, and optimization opportunities through BI integration, making it a “must-have” solution.

Introducing cutting-edge Agent functionalities to empower efficiency

We have also significantly upgraded OpenLM Agent to enhance our overall functionalities. Here are the significant transformations customers can leverage in the new Agent:

  1. Improved monitoring capabilities: The new agent will track processes and monitor website activity and USB device connections.
  2. Offline monitoring: The new Agent will be able to buffer data locally when not connected to the central OpenLM system, ensuring that no usage data is lost during offline periods.

Enhanced UX to ensure ease of access 

Besides all these upgrades in the OpenLM architecture, we have also revamped the user experience (UX) in the OpenLM NewGen. The main focus of this effort was to ensure that our interface is easy to navigate. Here are the critical aspects of OpenLM’s transition to the new UX:

  1. Intelligent navigation system: The revamped navigation system includes interlinking connections between different services so that users can easily navigate between them.
  2. Introduction of onboarding tutorials: Whenever users navigate to a service for the first time, they will receive an onboarding tutorial. These tutorials will feature the primary purpose of each service and guide users through OpenLM NewGen functionalities.

Integration of Docker and Kubernetes for near-infinite scalability

With the integration of Docker and Kubernetes, we can deploy services on dedicated nodes and automatically spin up or down instances based on demand. As a result, the architecture will be ready for near-infinite scalability. 

With all these changes, OpenLM NewGen 2024 is all set to bring you a more efficient license management experience. Sounds interesting? Don’t forget to register your interest here.

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