Optimize Software License for Oil & Gas Industry with OpenLM


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Software solutions form the backbone of the Oil & Gas industry’s operations. Managing software licenses in this industry presents several unique challenges due to the specialized nature of the industry and the critical role that software plays in various operations in each of the segments whether it is the Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream.

Here are some of the key factors:

  • Complexity: Diverse software ecosystem for exploration, production, refining, and management, each with unique licensing terms and technical complexity.
  • Cost of Licenses: CAD, simulation, and Process Optimization licenses can strain budgets, impacting multiple users and projects.
  • Limited Number of Licenses: Oil projects’ large teams face delays due to limited CAD license availability.
  • Geographic Restrictions: CAD license restrictions pose challenges for multinational oil companies operating globally.
  • Project & Group Usage: Tracking software usage by projects and business units is complex due to varied licensing systems and user-project dynamics.
  • Lack of Flexibility: Rigid CAD license terms that may not align with oil and gas companies’ project requirements or business models may hinder oil companies’ innovation and adaptability.
  • Compliance and Audits: Vendors enforce software compliance, reserving audit rights for usage verification.

OpenLM’s Tailored Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry

OpenLM Software License Management for the Oil & Gas industry has been tailored to address the challenges faced in managing software licenses in the Oil & Gas sector. 

Some of the widely used software in this industry include software from Schlumberger, AVEVA, Dassault Systemes, AspenTech, Ansys, Siemens, Mathworks, and many others.

Here’s how OpenLM helps: 

  • Support for Complex License Models: OpenLM provides a centralized platform for managing licenses across various software applications like CATIA, Abaqus, ANSA, Ansys, Aspentech, AVEVA, Pipesim, SimulationX, Olga, PVT-Sim, AutoCAD, Solidworks, and others used in the Oil & Gas industry. Licensing models like network, named-user, cloud, and dongle-based applications can be easily tracked. 
  • Centralized License Management: Companies with global and remote offices can easily deploy OpenLM SLM solutions to track all the licenses and software usage from a single interface. This centralized approach allows administrators to easily track, monitor, and optimize license usage.
  • Cost Reduction: By optimizing license usage through idle session monitoring and harvesting, OpenLM helps Oil & Gas companies reduce their overall software licensing costs. This is particularly important in an industry where cost control is critical due to fluctuating market conditions and economic factors.
  • Usage Monitoring & Reporting: OpenLM offers robust monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to track software usage patterns, identify trends, and generate detailed reports. This information can be invaluable for making informed decisions about license procurement, renewal, and optimization.
  • License Compliance: Compliance with software license agreements is essential to avoid legal issues and financial penalties. OpenLM helps organizations maintain compliance by providing real-time license usage data, and detailed historical reports ensuring that licenses are not overused or used without proper authorization.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: OpenLM can integrate with existing software asset management systems and infrastructure, making it easier for Oil & Gas companies to implement and integrate license management into their existing workflows.

Overall, OpenLM offers a comprehensive solution for managing software licenses in the Oil & Gas industry, helping organizations optimize costs, manage compliance, and improve overall efficiency in software license management.

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